S-Morishita Studio Webtoon Artist Advice Ebook

Sharean Morishita
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Hi guys! I finally have my 8-page Advice from a Webtoon Comic Artist ebook finished!

In this ebook you will learn:

  • The tools I use to make my webtoon comics

  • My webtoon Format Webtoon

  • Comic Platforms I use to publish my webtoon

  • How I Promote my Webtoon

  • What type of computer hardware webtoon comic artist use

  • In-depth breakdown of the webtoon format

  • What tools webtoon artist use to draw digital

  • Budget friendly recommendations

  • Monetizations options available that's not centered around only selling books or using paywalls -(which is totally fine to use but I wanted to share a few other options out there and what I use~)
    and more!

If you want to learn everything there is to know about How to Start a Webtoon I also have a 48 page Complete Beginners Guide Ebook Upgrade now available.

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  • An 8 Page Digital PDF

  • Size
    6.8 MB
  • Length
    8 pages
  • An 8 Page Digital PDF
  • Size6.8 MB
  • Length8 pages


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S-Morishita Studio Webtoon Artist Advice Ebook

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